Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Personal Touch

"No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness." - Aristotle

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Empty Space(s)

Freeing the mind is not as easy as I had expected. Controlling it is even harder. I have accepted the differences and I am beginning to have visions; some vague, some concrete; of the many unrealistic goals which will come into fruition. It seems funny that I have not thought about this before. With strong will power and a little push, all the pieces fall into place, quite magically. Empty spaces are no more a threat. They've become opportunities with every passing moments. Each day, a new phrase. Each time, another life story. Putting this phases of life down into pages, which perpetually change with unforeseen causes and reasons, is without doubt, a defining process on its own. We all make fictions, once in a blue moon, out of our own true experiences. We all have a single, analogous purpose: To be good and be seen as good. Truly we are living, not in the most immoral sense of the word, in vanity. And we likened ourselves to a child, without really shouting for attention, without throwing a tantrum. And we sometimes failed to realise that we have fallen into a trench of self-absorption, only to wake up much later with a renewed passion to change. And sometimes, we failed. Again. And again.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not On Wednesday

It is without any special motivations that I have decided to enter this site only on Wednesdays. Don’t ask me why. An answer is not the ending to a question but merely an injunction for more questions. We all make decisions, sometimes without appropriate reasons, only to justify nothing. So today, not on a particular Wednesday, would be a feasible time to chart the variety of moods that I've been experiencing since my mind went a little gaga not so long ago. It goes something like this...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Rearrange and make a change, but constant becomes your middle name. Flip, twist, reverse, inverse. Swop, flop, crop, drop. Create a ripple and influence the people. Touch, retouch, feel, refill. What is life without a strife? Brew, renew, cast and trust. Boom, zoom, make some room. Heave some noise, leave your voice. Pray, stay, don't go astray. Relieve, release, live at ease. Get set, reset, take turns, returns. For now, forever, not how, or never.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two Weeks Gone

Two weeks gone and so much are left unsaid. I have to battle the inner feelings that are just beginning to fluster into a win-lose-win-draw situation, and the way I see this, it is going to be a tough fight. The words 'persevere' and 'paranoia' have become, almost as sudden as it came into mind, the synonyms of themselves. I do not yearn for news, good or bad - I only seek the truth. I want everything to be well, hoping every now and then that what was once a golden dream would always stay a golden dream. I have observed, deep within, that nothing can bring you down more than yourself. Picking up from where I fell, the next turn is still clouded in secrecies. The changing of times had created major impacts in the different aspects of life, and to bring askew the perspectives on several crucial points would just be as beneficial as ... ... say ... ... having a nice, little cup of tea after midday prayers. I do not want the mind to control the body, although I know that both should compliment each other. Fair enough, I lacked a certain amount of confidence in the passing days, but there should be a dose of inspiration, someplace, even within these four walls, ready to brush me off the ground and wake me up from my unlimited, self-made gazes. I think too much, that's what they all said. So much so that other pressing matters are left stale on the side dish. Even the mind is telling me that somethings have to be discarded. Perhaps now could be the perfect time to readjust and get the system to rework it's functions, retraces the wasted instances, reinvent, reboot and regroup. Just to be honest, I am already sensing a new me. 'Sensing' is probably an unwise choice. I am already rendering a new me. For what it's worth, I am all out ready, even if it means going through a whole new process of reformatting. This time, let me reemphasize, is never better for a start. This time is for real. The past must stay where it belongs.