Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leaving Impressions

July disappeared without a word and this entry serves as a double-back to recall memories that might be abraded by stains of thoughts whose function was to sabotage my brain in times of discontentment. What happened before this day are merely bits and pieces of life that (when seen from a macro point of views) form modernistic memoirs of assorted values. In the beginning, my ambitions are heavily detained by withering energy and maybe (doubtfully) age could be a hindering factor. Yet here I am, walking on.

School’s been great, if not awesome. Newly found friends of diverse backstories greeted me with flair – and some of their non-fictional tales bear a semblance to the life I’m living – working adults putting aside a year for education, with little or no proper income, taking experiences as points to prattle about the so-called design life. Most sessions are laid out as streams of humour and so the bond was established pretty easy at the start. And as multiple projects started to come into the mix, I began to stride with them; my gaits reaffirmed, my footworks ciphered, leaving marks and impressions for the book of forthcoming events.

Course's curriculum is interesting and relearning Art History makes one see the importance of being patient. But the more I immersed myself in proper nouns so perfectly unpronounced, names unheard and movements vaguely registered, the realization that the past is as important as the future suddenly became apparent. Where do we stand without the influences of these great masters - mostly insane artists who stood for what they believed in? Bullshit doctrines aside, they broke norms and created periods for many generations to muse on. Even when rules were applied, they took no particular sides. In this digital art period, we have more to work on - not just crazy ideas, but a whole new movement to shake the entire contemporaries. Have we learnt how to run with or run away from the tools we can't leave without, the technology we have grown to embrace? What’s next for the canvas of inspiration? What’s your personal objective? Must I run too, just to catch my breath later on unknowing of the fact that I've been running in circles?

Where am I running to? Who am I running from? Therefore I take strides, one step at a time as confident as I may, glimpsing at the motives I am set about doing and then tearing them away into the flames. Revived.

And then I know, we too shall fly.

August shall be, as its name suggests, a monumental one. This fasting month, take it slow and steady.