Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thee Minus Zero

Presently, I can only be one of these things, and you decide which one before your time is done:

An atrocious medley of your life’s symphony \ A distinguished member of the Cut & Paste Society \ A mathematical representation \ A website on nameless atoms and matters \ A subject of experiment \ A clueless lead \ A tiny pigment of paint forming an illustrious vignette in your dream \ A dark comedy in three unrelated acts \ A guidebook on mirages \ An antagonist \ A trajectory \ A love hunter \ A body of work with a confusing twist \ First drafts radio drama \ A faulty search button \ Earth tour-guide for aliens \ The one with a monophasic sleep patterns \ A variant \ A side pocket \ A sparrow in a lion’s den \ Steriled surgical tools \ A vessel \ A vase \ A hidden treasure \ A stranger in a strange land \ Eastern coast maps \ A photocopied something \ A page unedited \ The voice over with an extrasensory perception \ A line segment joining two points on a curve \ A downward spiral \ A chromatic scale \ Cabalistic notations on a buried journal \ A concurrency \ A cold infusion \ A return with a ‘No Image Available’ message \ A peer to peer as it appears \ A shoulder to cry \ A fear to deny \ A predecessor's successor \ A figment of imagination \ A bi-monologue \ A black alert \ An incomplete list of do's and dont's which you might bring for your next staycation \ A comma \ A dogma \ A solo drummer with millions of unredeemed strokes \ A vanishing trace \ The number nine \ A tarnished space \ A blinding sight \ An open source \ A close call \ An inverted arrow \ An extra deemphasized note in a bar \ A defective poetic diction \ An antiseptic \ Last hour of midnight \ Queer topics of metaphysics \ A polyphonic tune airing in the background \ An actor playing a troubled man with a heart of gold \ A fearsome brimstone \ A furious ring tone \ A breeze \ A sneeze \ The second movement \ A wrong guess \ The looking glass \ A one way avenue \ A noble gas \ The right of way \ An origami of an iris \ A cross sectioned of a lantern \ A cloudy vaccine \ Twelve split screens \ An echo \ A guiro \ A mute witness \ A restrained killer.

Thou shalt know the truth and speak of not.