Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The End Is Nigh

I would like to believe that the end of LOST is ultimately the end of serialized TV in general (copycats like Heroes and Flashforward don't seem to have that pull factor for me). Spending almost six years theorizing, speculating, rewatching through the flashbacks, flashforwards, finding constants, seeking variables, jumping back and forth through the years and back again, it is time to be rewarded with the 4,815,162342 questions that are still pending to be answered. OK, maybe not that many. But from the get go of the first episode in this final installment, it's clear that this is the season of answers. 18 episodes more and that is that. Concluding one week before my birthday, I hope it would be a solid, satisfying end, if not a brain-twisting one. LOST is a mythologically rich piece jampacked with great character studies, where the themes of good versus evil, science and faith flows through the central vein. A drama not confined to one specific genre, where each episode focuses on specific threads to weave a piece of abstract fiction - this is clearly TV at its top form. It has been said that LOST is too deep for the casual viewers. My nonchalant reply is: Confusing meh? (*Apple and the Apple products are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Montage by Madally Wurlpiz, 2010)