Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Break The Silence

Why must I hide from my own shadows?
Why are there sounds of distant echoes?
Why are there faults in the light of truth?
Why make judgments when no one can prove?
Why do I need a moment to gauge?
Why do I feel the urge to engage?
Why are there stories for now and past?
Why do we stay, we lie, we trust?
Why must you think that I am too weak?
Why are there words when actions can speak?
Why can’t I break the silence in me?
Why can't you open your eyes and see?
Why blame others when others are right?
Why create hope when nothing is in sight?
Why can’t I make the memories grow?
Why is happiness veiled in sorrow?
Why are there always questions for me
when answers are meant to set you free?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Helvetically Inclined

After a year plus of waiting and procrastinating, I am excited to have in hand a brand new copy of Helvetica - A documentary film by Gary Hustwit. This I finally purchased from Basheer Graphic Books, who supposedly had the last copy (with plastic wrapper half torn) sold to a bugger who came right before me. And since no stocks will be in till next month, the only way was to provide my contacts so they could conveniently call me when the DVD arrive. So I did, providing the shop owner with my namecard which (quite coincidentally) was the last card I had in my wallet. Gazing long enough at the card, the man was quite shocked to see the Singapore Press Holdings' logo and called someone (that someone being the man who occasionally visits my workplace to showcase the new arrivals of design books) to give me a new copy of the disc. A fresh DVD for me. With the plastic cover wrapped, neatly intact. No kid! So where did the disc came from? Me don't know. Me don't ask. Me just want to see the film and that's all that matters. (Insert joyful [type]face here).

Above: Limited edition "Meet The Cast" poster designed by Experimental Jetset. 27" x 38.75", litho printed.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Lights dimming and unearthly. Spoken words whispering in soft reverberations; voices of the known and strange started to sink. There I stood, within Victorian walls, perpetual heartbeats in resonance. It wasn't a vision of sleep that we often dare to speak of in volumes. It was a matter that felt unreal, yet in that split nano-second, was a moment of true pleasure. A baton in one hand, a cue on the other, a smile to signal an entry and a delicate common-time introduction. Those hands were the hands that guided the way into a journey composed for the ears. The splendours transpired with relentless energy from bar one to the final notations. The chords pressed with prepossessing refrains. And the harmonic destination is one to be recorded in this acute memory. As I hold it back one more time, I like to believe that history was made to give life a deeper meaning. That we are all capable of challenging ourselves; that we are here to make the best of what we can; that chances and coincidences play a role in the discography of one's expedition - these are written proves for the souls and minds. Music shall then transcends time as we connect ourselves in an interlocking path, destined but undefined. Only the echoes, of the sweet and refine, saunter in the bright hallway of yesterdays, never forlorn.

I would like to thank Mr. Richard Png for giving me the opportunity to conduct the PRSS Alumni Band in Victoria Concert Hall on 11th July 2008. It was a dream came true. To the boyz, namely Bros Zwan Zwan, Wiki, Ahmad Nawawi and Shafi, you all make it happen. And special thanks to Kelvin Chua for appearing at the very last minute to save the trumpets! Viva la Musica! (Though I am saddened by the fact that the Mag. 7 are not able to take on the stage, I am still holding on to the dream that one day we shall perform our 'Love Song' once more.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where Truth Once Stood

Digital collaged by Madally Wurlpiz, 2008. Sources extracted from everything and everywhere.