Sunday, August 16, 2009


Focalize, we might find the patterns to this conflicting ideals. And side by side, we'll conquer this space.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ten Minutes


I honestly feel that Staggering is an awful word even though it means Amazing, and Adroit sounds rather stupid to be Smart, while Benevolent has a spiteful feel for its Kind.


This heart must make a remark. There must be an asterisk that leads you to the 6 points size fine prints. There must be clauses. There must be laws. You can either go through them again, or go against them.


I do not foresee, because by foreseeing I deny all stochastic processes.


Tonight's the night where the reds and whites of the country shimmered with tender hopes, uniting in high-toned voices peppered with hisses of the floral pyrotechnic flapdoodles.


Randomness was the order of the day.


And the rhythm changes with troubled paraddidle. The phrasing modulates with disparaging paragraph. The brain sinks with puzzling parables.


Six ways to remember forgetfulness. Six ways to forget remembering.


(source undetected)


Many things are hidden inside another thing that is hidden inside another thing which is not hidden.


At the dawn of day, two pigeons will convene on a cypress that cast shadows of delight. The state's observance of a holiday in honor of you must follow shortly after the morning parade. The fickle-minded sky will decide the ten instrumental tracks suitable for mid-afternoon. Dessert will be sugarless but dusk will cover the aftertaste. The blankets are waiting for your keen participation. Your illusions are hungry. Welcome to Crave Resort - where cravings are sorted and dreams are very, very real.

We have a vision for tomorrow ... just believe, just believe.