Thursday, January 21, 2010

On A Treble Note

Late-night ruminations brought me into suspension, threw me off line and back to the cleft I once preside. There are troubling sections that are curtained from view (not hiding the fact that they might be characterizing a block of runes, but what do I know?), so further analyses depend on the introspective slants of my mental ingenuity, if indeed I am lavished with one, which I doubt. Keeper of the past shall remain in the whittling vacuity, but its hard to dispose such role; yet to leer pass beyond the unfolding pool of events will only make me look daft even if the desired intention are within scopes of reasons. Let’s not delay this progress; let’s not fill this cavity with fear. I have plenty of sensible wits to enrich the state of existence, luxuriating with thoughts of good hope and savoring them with the present acquirement (as if). Going with the flow shall be the motto to follow, but the guiding light will never be out of sight, hypothetically speaking. The catalyst of change is the constant ambition that exists in one's attitude to make tomorrow better than what was today. To surmise, the smears in former times are just life's happenings too sombre for this farce. But move along I must. Fast. Without fuss. And while the going gets tougher, I am harboring the thoughts of preserving the many startling moments I terribly adore. Especially those that involve you, Baby.

Our three parts story continues right where we left off. But let's stay in the middle a little longer, OK?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Thereupon the chapter begins, yet I returned to gather the vestiges. This is the ideal time to re-engage and recollect the fleeting moments that floated by with the inscription of pains and smiles. The path leads to here; a path plainly laid, both easy and treacherous. This year’s Favlist (a personal list of the best in arts, lits and infotainment) is relatively shorter than the previous, with 20 categories instead of 33. This is a concise list to an otherwise eclectic selection; an overall approach than a detailed one. It was a year where these eyes saw things through a micro lens. It's a year where most things are condensed and everything comes in lovely bytes and glitters, yet none picayunish to be shared with among allies. To reiterate, it was simple and nothing that exceeds the upkeep. Hence it was a pretty good year to conclude a decade, so to speak. Up next are explorations of self on a new level beyond my fathomless imagination. Otherwise, promotion is due, and my creative sense is developing an urge to harvest on greener pastures. The day is ahead, a time will come. Wish me luck if you still believe in wishes.

And so I conquer this slumberland, for this life is but a dream. Time to define what needs to be defined.

Friday, January 1, 2010


And What's Next?

Day One of 2010. Log Number 77. This is the teaser of things to come.